Transamerica "It's Real Now" Campaign  
Integrated Campaign
I had the great pleasure of working with Janusz Kaminski and the JWT creative team on this powerful campaign covering REAL moments we all experience in life.  These are the moments in which people have a "it's real now moment", and for our client Transamerica, these are the moments in which most people realize they need help with financial planning and management to help prepare for future "real" moments.
 The campaign consists of one extended length video, two :30 commercials, three :15 web pre-roll and 12 content videos expanding on each story featured within the extended video.  
Examples of a few of the videos can be viewed below and via the following links:

Transamerica "It's Real Now" Interactive Webpage
Each of the categories shown on along the left side of the website had two points of view (2 videos) as shown above where the consumer could pick which point of view they wanted to view for more information.

Working with Mr. Janusz Kaminski (also known as "Spielberg's Eye") was a great pleasure! I am still in awe that when I asked, he actually took the time out of his incredibly busy life to hear our pitch and was sold by the creative team's vision! He took that vision and ran with it, bringing life to the stories and Transamerica services in only the way that he can.
A little about Janusz, in case you didn't know:
"Nearly every film directed by Steven Spielberg since "Schindler's List" (1993) has radiated a distinctive luster, a kind of visual autograph. For that, audiences—and Mr. Spielberg—can thank Janusz Kaminski, a Polish-born cinematographer who got his big break shooting that picture. It won seven Academy Awards, including one for cinematography, and Mr. Kaminski gained a second Oscar five years later, for Mr. Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan" (1998). His sixth and most recent Oscar nomination is for "Lincoln," Mr. Spielberg's latest film. If he wins—the Oscars are on Sunday—Mr. Kaminski, age 53, will become the 10th cinematographer to have earned three or more Academy Awards."
Art Directors: Deb DeWitt & Daria Sawaszkiewicz
Copywriters: Matt Genne & Brian Gallagher
Creative Director: Lando Ettrick
Producer: Khia Banks
Account Director: Cecilia Castro
Director: Janusz Kaminski
Production: Independent Media
Post Production: Cut & Run / LA
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