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Khia Banks
As a kid, I was very self-motivated, loved working with others, being creative and (believe it or not) I also love being organized.  In adulthood, not much has changed which is why it’s no wonder my career path started at such an early age. In other words, while some careers may be chosen, I truly believe mine was destined.
Television/Film Production chose me at the early age of sixteen. I started out writing, filming and producing videos for award shows, commercials for local businesses, and creating a closed circuit network television show entitled "Millennium". Upon graduating with dual diplomas ( Career Technology Diploma in addition to College Prep), I went on to receive my BS in Communication Arts & Advertising with an emphasis on Broadcast Production, I was chosen to work for Channel 97 as an Editor and a Director. Shortly after, I was presented with the rare opportunity to work with a local, up and coming, ad agency as not only an Editor, Producer, and Art Director but also as an Account Supervisor. I was able to help them establish a strong business model and successfully expand their locations nationally prior to being approached by WPP/TeamDetroit and taking on the role of Creative Production Manager / Content Producer. Once at WPP/TeamDetroit, I had the pleasure of working directly with the Group Creative Director, managing the creative staff, supervising all incoming projects, spearheading all vendor relationships, and producing / managing anything that required production: television, broadcast, print, website development, interactive, social sites, experiential events, you name it! A couple of years later, I took another position within JWT Atlanta as a Senior Producer where I've had the pleasure of working with talented directors, such as Janusz Kaminski, as well as great clients such as Ford Motor Company, the Atlanta Falcons, United States Marines, SCANA Energy, Shell, Jiffy Lube, Transamerica, and FEMA as well as other well known partnerships. Wanting to work with more clients and projects I decided to go freelance in 2012, allowing me to work with many different agencies and their endless list of clientele. I spent 5+ years as a contract Executive Producer / Project Manager, when The Weather Channel contacted me to head up their Global Consumer Marketing Creative Production arm along side the Global Executive Creative Director working on apps, digital products and advertising.  That opportunity quickly expanded once The Weather Company was acquired by IBM and our group became IBM Watson Content IoT Platform. I welcomed the chance to work with as the Lead Project Manager for some inspiring and innovative teams including The Weather Channel, IBM Watson Advertising, IBM Watson, IBM Cloud and their many partnerships such as NASCAR.
Over the years, I have had the pleasure of project managing various large projects and leading teams of amazingly talented people. I have been fortunate enough to work in roles that have allowed me to expand my skills quickly and master omni-channel multimedia products, production, branding as well as project management. In addition, I recently turned my passion of personal development and helping others into an online community called Core Happiness, LLC! 
I now work as an Independent Executive Producer / Project Manager supporting various agencies, vendors, and clients on any broadcast, digital, print, and experiential projects. Needless to say, I also have a soft spot for companies and startups that are working to make the world a better place!



“Khia is very organized and can juggle many projects at once. She's also able to work with many different stakeholders (marketers, strategists, creatives, media) to accomplish her goals. As the Global Head of Marketing, I was able to trust her to deliver on time and on budget. Thanks, Khia!”
- Allison Guidetti, Head of Global Consumer Marketing at The Weather Company, an IBM Business
“Khia is a professional problem solver, quick to learn and apply new solutions (technological or interpersonal) to improve production and performance. With a keen focus and an executive presence, she applies left and right brain thinking to new challenges resulting in realistic and creative solutions. Khia possesses a natural learning agenda so her potential is limitless.”
- Mark Fredo, Executive Global Creative Director, IBM Watson Content & IoT Platform

“Khia is an absolute joy to work with. I learned something everyday from watching her work and asking questions that she was always happy to answer. Khia is a leader, professional, technical, creative, organized, delightful, and a very effective communicator. She is always ready and willing to step in and do whatever is needed of her, whether she is asked or volunteered. It's hard to find honest genuine people these days, but that's what you get with Khia. Anyone would be so lucky to have her on their team or leading it.”
- Denise Denson, Producer | Project Manager, IBM Watson Content & IoT Platform

“I worked with Khia for a couple of years at JWT. She's a very strong producer—conceptual and professional in all aspects of the job; and great with clients.
She's also the type of person who is always smiling which makes her a terrific person to have in the department.”
- Carl Warner, Co-President/Executive Creative Director, JWT

“Khia is a terrific producer. She is all about finding a way to get the most out of a budget to get the most out of an idea. When you look at the work she produces you see every dollar on screen. She works closely with the creative team to make sure the integrity of the idea is protected but also helps facilitate the exchange of thinking that happens once a director is engaged. She's not the kind of producer that sits back once a shoot gets going. She stays closely involved and offers ideas along the way to help make the work even better. She challenges the team and the production companies to give their best. And manages the financial side with sharp eye and sharper pencil. And on top of that, she is a delight to work with.”
- Roy Trimble, SVP-Executive Creative Director, JWT

“A few years back, we needed a Creative Production Manager to work on our Regional Southeast Ford business. It was a new position for us that had yet to be conclusively defined. I hired and quickly challenged Khia to define and organize the position to fit the needs of the demanding workflow and shifting culture of our creative department. This included print, digital, and broadcast production. As with everything she does, she embraced the challenge with intelligence, diligence, creativity and class. It wasn't long before she helped transform our creative department and our agency with an immensely more efficient workflow communication plan. So like any good manager, I continued to throw more challenging projects her way. I got her to help out with creative concepting and broadcast production - something she's always enjoyed. Eventually, I entrusted her to present creative in formal client meetings (Ford) and help manage the creative for a regional client. Khia always delivered. Her positive energy, resourcefulness, solid judgment and constant hustle consistently impressed colleagues and clients alike. Khia is a special breed. She gets things done. And done right. She's definitely someone any firm would be lucky have.”
- Kirk Sieder, Group Creative Director, Team Detroit / WPP Company

“In our time working together, one description came to mind over and over again. Khia is a producer in the truest sense of the word - whatever is required in order to complete a job, Khia makes sure it gets done, and done well. She is passionate about the projects that she undertakes and most importantly is a joy to be around when the hours get longer and the deadlines closer. I always look forward to working with Khia, I am sure you will too.”
- Lando Ettrick, Group Creative Director at JWT Atlanta

"I really like working with Khia. We worked on several projects together while I was at JWT. One in particular was a multi-million dollar 360-degree campaign for a financial client. The production Khia was tasked with consisted of many moving parts including cross-country travel, a four-day film shoot, video production, sound design and web development—all while working with a famous Hollywood director. Not only did Khia handle her job very professionally, but she was also great fun to be around. I would recommend her to everyone!"
- Brian Gallagher, Associate Creative Director - Copywriter at DigitasLBi_US

“Khia is a first class producer. She's smart. She's organized, and she's equally at home with clients or crew. Most importantly Khia is a terrific person who seems always warm and friendly, while deftly handling the myriad details and demands of an agency production. In short, Khia is a joy to work with.”
- William VanDerKloot, Principal, Magick Lantern Studios

“Khia goes above and beyond as a producer. Her attention to detail, enthusiasm, and incredible organization make her a huge asset to the agency and clients too. The project we collaborated on was challenging and complicated but she made it easy for everyone by taking so much on her shoulders and helping to ensure that the spot came out great. She's a sweet and caring person and I can't wait to work with her again.”
- Jeff Harter, Associate Creative Director, JWT

“As Creative Production Manager, Khia brought a new sense of organization to the team. She developed and implemented new processes which resulted in a better connection between creative and account teams. I could always count on Khia to manage projects and provide insight on business needs.”
- Shelley Green, VP, Management Supervisor, Retail First (JWT)

“Khia is amazing at what she does, she stayed on top of the day to day tasks, keeping everyone in check and making sure our relationship with the client was crystal. True leader and detail oriented. She's also great at creative presentations and quickly understands the need of the client.”
- Armando La Hoz, Team Detroit / WPP Company

" Worked with Khia for about two years. She is ambitious, intelligent and exceptional at handling complex projects with ease. Also extremely personable, she is adept at balancing personalities when they clash during a project. Khia brings dedication and grace to each endeavor she undertakes."
- Joel Becker-Sabik, Team Detroit / WPP Company

"Working with Khia Banks is a pleasure and a relief because no matter how many questions you might have about the schedule, the budget, or what time exactly our plane is leaving—she has the all the answers. Khia’s skills in organization, coordination, and creative wrangling give her the ability to solve small issues BEFORE they become problems. Detail-oriented and astute, you’ll come to rely on Khia and trust without a doubt that she’s already taken care of everything before you even thought to ask. I hope to work with her again soon."
- Rebecca Cullers, Senior Copywriter, JWT

"A creative thinker in every meaning of the word, Khia Banks is a problem solver who stays cool in the kitchen at all times and is always preparing for the steps ahead. Simply put, she gets the job done. Poised and focused, she always finds a way to smile and keep the mood light-hearted even through those grueling moments in the trenches. She's a Super-Producer."
- Lotenna Enwonwu, Senior Art Director, JWT

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