Geico / IQ Agency: "Bad Savings Ideas"
Clark Moss, CD from the IQ Agency, reached out to me asking to help him with a huge campaign they wanted to kick off for Geico...the kicker however was that Geico only had marketing funds remaining for web use as they had already allocated their other budgets. So the challenge was how do we create an entire campaign, consisting of 4 different spots, shoot on location and with great talent all for the budget of digital pre-roll banners. The answer was A LOT of teamwork and a lot of planning. We stretch every dollar and not only were we able to pull off an great end product that Geico LOVED, we were also featured as Ad Week's Ad of the Day (which you can read about here)!
Client: Geico
Agency: IQ Agency, Atlanta
Executive Creative Director: Clark Moss
Art Director: Tricia Gillentine
Copywriter: Sarah Giarratana
Director: Ben Callner
Producer: Khia Banks
Additional Production Credits: Pogo Pictures, Nine Mile Circle
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