The Weather Company & NASCAR Partnership Launch
As Executive Producer of IBM Watson Content & Not Platform (which includes The Weather Company) I had the pleasure of supporting senior managements teams such as Global Business Solutions (B2B).
To showcase their partnership with NASCAR we were challenged with producing a launch video that was both very informative and high energy. Most of the times those two things do not go together as a lot of information can disrupt a high energy edit and flow, however, we came together to create this video that aired at NASCAR events to launch the announcement of the partnership. Did I mention that while we had a healthy budget, we did NOT have a lot of time. When working with two large companies, there are many moving pieces to gather the heads to sit down for an interview as well as acquiring the footage we needed to support the narrative in addition to wrapping a race car. Hurricanes slamming the East Coast and causing to reschedule 4 times certainly did not help. In the end, both IBM and NASCAR were thrilled with the results and I received many accolades on handling multiple difficult tasks with ease and without letting either IBM or NASCAR feel the stress or pressure.

The Launch Car for Ben Kennedy
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