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While employed as an Executive Producer (Digital and Broadcast) at The Weather Company, I wore many hats, including Project Manager. It was fantastic to work with so many different groups both in consumer marketing and B2B. I managed the Brand Creative Group as well as oversaw many app / product launches including Storm Radar (formerly WU - Weather Underground) as well as the native Flagship app updates and new features.  Below is a sample of just a few of our most popular product highlight reels.
Samsung Partnership Press Release

The Weather Company signed a huge deal with Samsung to be the sole weather provider for the native weather apps included on all Samsung devices starting with the Samsung S8. Below is the video created for the press release. Done with little to no budget as well time.


WFX is a solution offered to Marketers to reach their target audience foley based on the weather and weather driven behaviors. WEATHERfx is the premier weather triggering platform. It’s powered by the most accurate weather forecast in the world and now it’s available off-property at a global scale. But we’re not the only game in town anymore so the question was how do we create a video that quickly and concisely establish what WEATHERfx is and communicate why it’s better than the competition? We voted that creative strategy for this video should center around visual storytelling as opposed to using any VO. Tone is contemporary. Shareable and energetic. It’ll be easy-to-understand and absolutely, positively likeable. No VO. Graphics over stock footage. Focus on the impact weather has on human emotion. Demonstrate how weather can create stronger brand/consumer connections.

Digital Product Launches | Updates

Working closely with the Global Consumer Marketing Team and the Product team, my Brand Creative Team handled all digital advertising for The Weather Company. This included product launches, updates, and feature how-to's. Below are a just a few examples of some of the product demo videos that we created.
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